Who is Barış Arı?

A visual communication designer from Istanbul, Turkey. For now I am a freelance designer and I love Helvetica. I am looking forward to design almost anything, just because I love what I do. Also I like talking about design and technological stuff. Sometimes I play with my Legos, sometimes I play my guitar. That's all what i will write in here. You should check my projects. If you want to hear more, you should meet me or may be sending an e-mail can be an easier way.

Baris Ari
  • Epifanic Logo Epifanic Logo

    Epifanic is a software company which is specialized in mobile devices and telecommunication. They build their software in native coding language in each platform for mobile devices, and serve for end users or operational usage. Epifanic is founded in late 2011.

    For more information; http://epifanic.com

  • Stonefish Poster Series Stonefish Poster Series

    The Stonefish Poster Series are custom designed motivational posters for the Stonefish Software & Consultancy. Each design of  each poster carries a different vision or a motto of the company. They are now placed at the main office of the Stonefish Software. These posters are part of the corporate identity of the company.


    For each; Poster Dimensions; (H)90cm x (W)60cm. Printed on; 180gr Matt-Paper on 0.8mm photo block.

  • Vit-C Vit-C

    School Assignment: Reaction Video 

    In this assignment we were going to design a motion graphics about a problem. The problem could be anything from the agenda either social/political or something personal. I have chosen the problem; sickness.

  • Youplay Youplay

    Youplay is an interactive music video project. The project is made for fun. You can use either your computers keyboard or mouse to make music. Have fun!


    *Requires Adobe Flash

  • Shit Happens Shit Happens

    It happens every time when you feel comfortable. These pictures are from my bathroom during installation of the new pipes. Due to the leaking to downstairs.

  • Ecolumis Logo & Web Site Ecolumis Logo & Web Site

    Web site and logo project for a lighting bussiness company.

    Web site runs on a custom content management system which has custom features designed for this company.

    Custom content management system; coded by Mert Salık
    Logo & Web site design, HTML, CSS; by Barış Arı

  • Untitled MP3 Player Untitled MP3 Player
  • The Seed The Seed

    Experimental video project; shot at multipurose event center, The Seed Istanbul.

    With its modern architecture, unparalleled panoramic view of the Bosphorus and focus on excellent service, the Seed hosts many national and international events. With a total area of 1,700 square meters, the Seed provides exceptional companies and brands with effective solutions for your events.

  • Stonefish Logo & Site Stonefish Logo & Site

    Web site and logo project for a software company.

    HTML, CSS, JS; by Onur Ödemiş
    Logo & Web site design; by Barış Arı

  • I am stuck! I am stuck!

    The stucked buildings between buildings.

  • A day in my life A day in my life
  • Medifiz Logo Medifiz Logo
  • Heterogeneous Logo Heterogeneous Logo
  • Hufilla The Font Hufilla The Font

    The Hufilla Typeface is based on the Futura Typeface.

  • How to Suprise a Police How to Suprise a Police

    A wordless story, for fun.

  • The Unit The Unit

    This is basic design build a unit assignment. Bilgi VCD Year 1.

  • Nice To Meet Nice To Meet

    This one carries a subliminal message. Poster is for the Nice to Meet Party.

  • Die Brille Die Brille
  • Inside & Out Box Inside & Out Box

    This is visual illusion assignment. Bilgi VCD Year 1.

  • Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood

    School assignment: Interpret a tale.

  • Diesease Series Diesease Series

    The Posters are based on the diseases that threatened human health for sometime.

  • Shapes & Beats Shapes & Beats

    Basic Design - Shapes and Beats assignment.

    - Illustrate a musical composition by using basic geometric shapes.

  • The Portfolio 2009 Cover The Portfolio 2009 Cover

    The Portfolio 2009 CD Cover. This is the complete art work of my portfolio including the web site. Handmade jewelcase is made of 3mm black, grey special photoblock.

  • Size Poster V2 Size Poster V2

    Sizes May Vary. This is an important project for me. Based on a different grid system. In here, the size of the typography is variable but the spaces between chracters (Leading) are fixed. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Umgebung Aachen Umgebung Aachen
  • Not Easy Cards Not Easy Cards

    This set is a diffrent version of well-known playing cards. Here, the aim is make all the card games harder with unusual graphics and colors. The back sides of the cards are also random generated, which confuses the players minds. The art work is printed double-sided on 63mm x 88mm 300gr paper. And including a special handmade box.

  • Microbus Type 2 Microbus Type 2

    VW Microbus Type2 Poster. This project is based on the VW's 2nd mass-produced vehicle after Beetle. "The Microbus" or VW Type2. The letter "C"s are placed on the various points on the front of the vehicle. (like the VW logo, headlights, signal lights). The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Post Wall Post Wall

    Postwall. Deutsche Post commercial poster. Based on a double grid system and the basic colors of Deutsche Post. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper. 

    *Wir sind ganz in der nähe: We are too close. 
    *Wir schicken alles: We deliver everything.

  • Lomography Meeting Lomography Meeting

    Lomography event poster including the 35mm film strip and a basic plastic camera. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Heart Beats Heart Beats

    A local event poster. Stethoscope is the start point which is connected to a loud-speaker like a head. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • ... It Tshirt Series ... It Tshirt Series

    T-Shirt series are the basic design of the tools that a common worker can use. The artwork is printed on a transparent medium and fixed on the t-shirt by ironing.

  • Mediziner Party Mediziner Party

    Mediziner Party. This was a party in the city where I used live(Aachen/Germany). The medicine students are organizing this party. This is not the original poster for the party. The dots are used as the grid system. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Daft Funk Music Event Daft Funk Music Event

    A music event poster. However here,nobody is famous. The participants of this event are the rookie musicians who will perform live songs from the samples of Daft Punk. Also the poster is useful too you can cut the white parts out of the poster, and paste them together to create your own Daft Punk helmet. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Royal Family Royal Family

    This is all about the personal behaviours and criticizing the double-dealing people. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Fruit Love Fruit Love

    Fruit Love 2008 -#1. The main poster of the FruitLove (a fruit cocktail party) event series. Based on the basic pictograms. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper. 

    Fruit Love 2008 -#2. The flyers of the FruitLove event series. Based on the basic pictograms also on the back side they have the basic shapes of the famous bottles of the well-known alcoholic spirit brands. The artwork is printed double-sided on a 300gr A6 paper.

  • DIN Poster DIN Poster

    This poster is about the "DIN Font", a poster about an interview event. I got used to see this font in everywhere when I was living in Germany. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Underwear Exhibition Underwear Exhibition

    Underwear Exhibition. An imaginary exhibition. It consists of the outlines of the woman and man underwear with overlapping colors. The artwork is printed on a semiglossy A2 photo paper.

  • Fine, Chill Out Party Fine, Chill Out Party

    FINE is a party event poster design. The motto of the poster / event is "Now you are tired from all of the work, and you need to cool down. Fine, here is the chill out party just for you." One of the first of my typographic poster designs, nice colored typography. The event is imaginary so the poster is designed and printed just for personal fun. The artwork is printed on a 200gr semiglossy A3 paper.

  • Helvetica Desktop Tools Helvetica Desktop Tools

    Helvetica Desktop tools is a set, designed for the 50th year anniversary of the font Helvetica. This is not a printout or hard copy design. Design of the products are manipulated digitally. So there is no 3D modelling, just the scanned image of the objects which are alligned by hand and modified for Helvetica digitally. This one is one of my oldest projects.

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